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Louisville, KY

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Sign the Petition


REACT is a grassroots organization of residents living near or at the fence lines of a cluster of 11 chemical plants commonly referred to as Rubbertown. The organization was established in April of 2003 as a campaign of the Justice Resource Center and became an independent organization later that year. REACT is fighting for:

  • Strong laws to stop toxic air pollution from chemical plants
  • The protection of residents in the event of a leak, fire or explosion in a chemical plant or railcar.
  • Full disclosure and easy access to information concerning the impact of Rubbertown on residents living nearby.

Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

  • Vision  To assemble a broad-based coalition of individuals and organizations committed to ending the death penalty in Kentucky by.

Louisville Peace Web

  • Citizens Against Police Abuse – Resources and Other Links

    Much of the information on the CAPA web site (and more!) and can be found in the CAPA information packet, “Criminal Justice or Institutional Racism and Classism in the United States and Kentucky?



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