The Justice Resource Center
The Justice Resource Center wasorganized and recognized by the state as a 501C-3 agency in
January 1986 with a mission statement to “ACT AS AN ADVOCATE AND
give of their time, efforts and talents to carry out the mission of the agency. MEMBERS, past &
present include: Rev. Bobby Burks, Willie Grey,Sam Leonard, Dr. Joe McMillian (deceased).
Mattie Jones, Shelby Lanier, J.T. Woods, James Jackson, Rev. Joe Overall, Bill Wells, Rev.
James Tennyson, Rev. Milton Seymore, RubenPulliam, Lifetime members: Brother Dick
Gregory and the Reverend E. Osbourn. At onetime, there were associated JRC offices in
Shelbyville, Mayfield, Bardstown, Winchester, Richmond,Owensboro and Morganfield
Kentucky. The many positive contributions of the JRC during the years are too numerous to
mention. The agency has held over 1500 nightly drug marches combatting and closing down
drug houses in various neighborhoods, in Louisville and Shelbyville neighborhoods as well as
the many protests of concern for environmental justice in communities and neighborhoods. The
JRC’s MonthlyGun Buy-Backsand theTrade Guns for Shoesprograms are some of the many
efforts to get guns off the streets and save lives. After Reverend Louis Coleman’s passing in
2008, the Reverend James Tennyson became the acting Director of the organization. The Justice
Resource Center continues today following the path set in 1986 to be an asset of justice to the
community, peacefully protest injustice and to be a vehicle of support in the advancement
and well-being of all people.
Throughout 2000, Mark Schirmer crisscrossed the state, meeting with and interviewing some of Kentucky’s most forward-thinking citizens, learning about issues they believe will be crucial to the Commonwealth’s future. Each of the 43 interviews began with the same simple question: What issue or issues do you see as being most important to the future of Kentucky? From this opening question, the interview subject led the discussion in the direction he or she chose, a path that yielded some lively, insightful, and often provocative dialogue.

Whithin this site there are many that stand out and are interesting to all Kentuckians. I have chosen Rev. Louis Colemans to post here on the history page. Feel free to view and comment on any information you find interesting.

  To watch the video and read a brief excerpt please click here.

1 thought on “History

  1. I am interested in any research or historical documents the Justice Resource Center has on file. I would like to talk to someone about historical document JRC may have in its possession. Thanks for you help.
    Jim Johnson

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