1 thought on “What do you want to be called?

  1. We need to be identified as Black are Negro to remind America of our affiliation to enslavement. This is our claim to building America. To claim Colored people is to become a part of the “Melting Pot”Equiano reported,” I have seen a negro beaten till some of his bones were broken for even letting a pot boil over.”https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/guides/z732pv4/revision/3 So we Black People Negro want to make the pots sell the pots control the pots and remember when we didn’t. Remember the inhuman treatment, 140 innocent Negros was lynched in Kentuckyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9MPuHQ5BkY&has_verified=1. White people didn’t lynch Colored man, African American man, they lynched N####. The News has unveiled King Tuts tomb, 2019 The pictures are of US black people dreaded, braided locked hair , skin kissed by the sun Gods people. My mother was a Negro on my birth certificate and I am a Negro woman, Black woman, daughter of a Share cropper. 02/03/2019 Human Being First.

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